Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yes Mom Challenge

Today's post on the Hearts At Home blog is about being a Yes Mom instead of a No Mom. I've decided to take that challenge. This is about challenging yourself as a Mom to think about all of the times you say no. Do you really need to say no, or are we saying no out of selfishness? The author has an example on her blog that I deal with - bubbles in the house. I always said no to bubbles in the house because I always thought the bubbles would stain the carpet. Would it, or is that just an excuse for myself to not have to deal with spilling bubbles in the house? I'm not saying I'm going to allow bubbles in the house, but I will be more conscience of why I say no. If it's purely for selfish reasons (I don't want to clean it up afterward, I'm tired, too busy, etc.) I am going to try eliminate those no's and turn them into yes's. I want my kids to have a fun, fulfilled childhood. I don't want them to tell their friends in school "oh, my mom would never let me do that..."

If you're up to it, read the Hearts At Home blog today (on my sidebar) and take the challenge. Let me know how you're doing with it and somethings you've said "yes" to! Good Luck!