Monday, June 21, 2010

A Tribute to Dads

Better late than never, right?

Father's Day is a day to recognize and thank the Dads in our lives. My own dad wore his "Greatest Dad" hat to church yesterday and used it in the children sermon. Some of the kids doubted that he was in fact the "greatest dad" but as he said, "Somebody must have thought I was pretty great or I wouldn't have this hat!" While he couldn't remember which of his three kids got it for him, I'm disappointed to say that it wasn't me. I do think my dad is the greatest though. Isn't funny how you remember the little things? For instance, my given name is Kathryn. My dad, has always, always, called me Kate. Hardly ever anything else. Something that only he (and some cousins and my sister-in-law) call me, but he started it. My dad is pretty quiet, unless you're talking about something outdoorsy-or wildlife related and then he'll chime in on the conversation. In our family, we joke and call him Ranger Dave. I don't know if he's knows that or not. I love my dad dearly and wouldn't trade him for anything! (Sorry - I can't find any pictures of my dad... How embarrassing!)

Jeremy's dad is sweet as pie, even if he looks a little intimidating. I have learned so much from him in the last 12 years. He would never hesitate to do anything for me (or anyone else) and he adores his grandsons!

Sharing a bowl of popcorn...

My husband is also a dad. Sometimes I fear I don't give him enough credit. He works A LOT so it's hard for him to spend a lot of time with Carter and me. But he tries his hardest to make the best of what we have. It doesn't matter how hot (or cold) and tired he is when he comes home, he will wrestle with Carter and try to keep up his end of dinner-time conversation with me. He always asks how each of our days was. He can fix any toy and he is so much more creative than I am when it comes to entertaining a toddler. He is constantly trying to teach Carter something or get him to try something new. He loves it that Carter has an interest in the "cowboy life" - loves cows, tries to rope everything and generally wants to be outside most of the time. He always tells me that he works so hard, not only to help us out of debt, but to give Carter an extra boost that he didn't have. His goal is to be able to help Carter with a down payment on a house when he's ready. Things like that. He's definitely a thinker of the future.

Quality father-son time

Jeremy is also a bit of a dad to Andre. Which I'm thankful for. He is the fun uncle all while being a dad figure at the same time.

Taking time to read a book

All of these men are very special to me and I love them. I hope that they had a great Father's Day, even though I kind of planned Jeremy's day for him... ;)