Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Years

May 2010 celebrates 10 years out of high school for me. Yes, I was in the "Class of 2000". As the school year winds down here (and picks up for me during the summer), we are working on things such as graduation, 8th grade promotion, track meets, prom (which was last weekend), senior sneak, etc. It got me thinking... Will the "Class of 2000" have a 10-year reunion?

Two years ago, we attended the 10-year reunion of my husband. He had 28 kids in his class. For the most part it was fun to catch up with everyone (we pretty well knew everyone and their spouses or significant others). In high school, there was always that one person who just drove you up a wall. In the case of Jeremy's class, she still does... :)

My memories of high school are mostly pleasant. Some not, but most of them are. Whoever said that high school was the best years of your life, I think, should be tarred and feathered. I don't miss high school. I miss some people - some I don't. I can honestly tell you, what I miss most about high school is Tiger Chorale. That was the one place, the one class in all 4 years, that I felt like I fit in. That I was actually supposed to be there. We had so much fun getting ready for and performing the Singing Christmas Tree and That's Entertainment and Stardusters... Those were good times. I miss that group of people and wish that I had not been so ready to be out of high school and had stayed in touch with them better. Once I left, I hardly looked back.