Monday, March 22, 2010


Jeremy and I have very good friends that are going through a tough situation. The husband had a lump on his arm removed. The doctors had to send it to California to be tested. It came back as cancer - but a weird cancer that the doctors here had never seen before. He was told that he would need to go to either KU Med, Lincoln or Wichita for a procedure where they will basically make an incision 4 times the size of the first one to remove the lump and do testing on the surrounding tissue and/or bone to see if the cancer has affected any other areas. His arm will be unusable for about 2 weeks. He's a mechanic. He's freaking out - not so much about the results or the procedure but the possibility of not being able to use his arm to 2 weeks.

He is going to KU this week to find out what the next step is and hopefully more information on the "diagnosis". Please keep this family in your prayers.