Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is on love. Different kinds of love - physical love, unconditional love, etc. The author pointed out ways we can make our husbands feel loved in all aspects. How important it is to keep romance alive. One thing that caught my attention was that I need to take the reigns sometimes and not leave it up to my husband all the time to create romance. I shouldn't expect him to cater to me. Suggestions she made were to plan a date start to finish and make all the arrangements, do something everyday, such as dishes or cooking dinner, in something... uh... less than ordinary..., leave little notes for him, phone calls to let him know you are thinking about the "time you will spend together" later, etc. This was a good chapter for me.

Coming up in Chapter 5 - Submission: misconceptions, truths, and the difference between submission and being a door mat... Stay tuned!