Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a Night

I know that you have all been terribly missing my Bachelor updates. Thank goodness for DVR. After a long night at school, and after I put Carter down, I was ready to sit down, relax and watch the Bachelor. Last week Ali had to choose between her job and her "love". She chose her job and left. The second she got in the limo she regretted her decision and new that she'd made the wrong choice. Jake was pretty darned upset about the whole thing, but he bounced back and made the best of it.
This week Jake took the remaining three girls to St. Lucia. (Hello second honeymoon for my & my husband!!!) During his fantasy week with these other girls, who should call and want a second chance, but Ali!! Jake politely told her that she'd already made her choice and he was no longer falling in love with her.

At the rose ceremony, Jake chose to send Gia home.

What? He's still hanging on to Vienna? I can't like her!!! Vienna
My husband actually watched it with me last night. He said that if Jake just wants to mess around and just have fun, he should pick Vienna. But, if he wanted someone as a "wife", someone to "marry" he should definitely choose Tenley.
If you couldn't tell, Tenley is my pick. She seems so much more genuine and down to earth.

On another note, Jeremy's back is acting up again. He now is convinced it is just plain old tight muscles, but can't seem to work the kinks out. He is constantly eating ibuprofen, which seems to be keeping him comfortable. Next weekend, he is going to go visit his best friend, Nick, to help judge a weight-lifting competition. Nick has a friend that is an OT and he is going to get Jeremy and this guy together to see if they can't find something that will help. Who knows... We'll keep praying for a resolution, or something...