Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A few things:

Bachelor: I still can't even believe I'm watching this regularly. I'm glad that Michelle is gone. She was drama. I'm afraid that I might have changed my most favorite vote from Ali to Ella. I still really like Ali, but Vienna seems to be bringing out the worst in her. Not very attractive. Plus, I have a big soft spot for Ella - she's a mom.

Moving On:
I'm getting a lot of comments on the meal planning - which I LOVE. A lot of great advice and success stories. Thank you to everyone, keep it coming!! Last night was the first night and it felt good to not have to fight with myself on what to make. I have to tell you - this is actually exciting for me. I'm realizing that I can now cook whatever I want. Whatever sounds good, looks good, whatever. Before I was browsing my cookbooks and recipes for what I could make, not what I wanted to make. Now that I'm planning things, and grocery shopping beforehand based on those recipes, I can pick whatever. Feels pretty good. I plan to go to the store this weekend, so I will be putting my $20-$25 rule to the test. Like I said, we are incredibly lucky to not have to purchase meat, so I think that will be a big advantage to us. Surprisingly, my husband is on board. He is encouraging me to start with two weeks and then once I get the hang of it, we'll move up to 3 and 4 weeks at a time. He's down with it, just so long as I don't try to feed him broccoli! :) Thanks again for all your advice and encouraging words. Don't stop now, I can use all the help I can get!


Katie said...

Isn't menu planning great?! Takes all that pressure and frustration off you. I know it can be a bit overwhelming at first (for me anyway) but I found that doing a monthly menu plan was a lot more helpful than one week at a time. That way you can save some money by stocking up on when things you need are on sale.

Are you planning on shopping at a Dillons, by chance? Cause you can load e-coupons onto your card AND stack them with paper coupons! And they take IPs. And they double...I miss that store! And they have the best bread I've ever had - their store brand is soft and yummy and often on clearance for $0.75/loaf or less!

I totally recommend buying a KC Star Sunday paper, if you can, for the coupons. They are way better then Manhattan's or Topeka's.

Looking forward to seeing your progress on this!! :)

Geigers said...

My first thought was to shop at Aldi's. I do think that I will thumb through the adds and see what I can find. I really wish I could do the coupon thing, but I can't ever seem to find any that I can use. I think part of the problem is that I rarely buy things name brand - and it typically is cheaper to buy off brand items even if I do use a coupon... What do you think?

Heather Rundquist said...

Hey I watch the bachelor too and am so glad that Michelle is gone. I also agree, very much, about Alli and Ella. I am also glad he sent the "flirt" home.
Meal planning sounds great, good luck with that. We are still doing e-mealz and LOVING it. Grocery list is already made for you and meal plans are there, and such simple meals. (like the soup from our thanksgiving) I am a strong supporter of e-mealz. They have different plans, you can even pick an Aldi plan if I remember right. Good luck with meal planning and I totally understand your pain. Give hugs and kisses to our nephew and yourselves. Can't wait to see ya.