Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here are some photos of some new gadgets apparently being marketed. I don't know if any of these are real, but some are pretty clever.

Tell me you couldn't use this...

Not sure how these would work, but I'm always looking for another set of hands. :)

This one I like - being messy any way, this would free up a hand, so you wouldn't need an extra set (ha, ha!!)

I just think these are cute!

Now, I will tell you that I actually have this one. Well, not this exact one, but something incredibly similar. Mine is a coozy that accommodates a canned beverage. We got it on our canoeing trip several years ago. It came in pretty "hand"y... Have I gone too far?

Next years Christmas present for the Grandparents...?

Get a TV stand and you wouldn't have to sit on floor...

Um.... no. Not at my house. Our dog weighs 125 lbs.

Maybe at my house... :)

Let me know if anyone buys any of these cool gadgets - I'd love to know how they work. Especially the hands!


Lindsay said...

i could use the rocking chair :)