Thursday, January 28, 2010

Again, Just as Stubborn as Ever

Jeremy's back is probably as bad now as it has ever been. And he is just as stubborn now as he's ever been. My poor man can't hardly stand up straight, he had a really hard time lifting 5 gallon buckets of grain and water for the horses & pigs this morning, but alas... is not quite ready to go back to the doctor. He thinks that through the course of work today (and probably tomorrow), his back will "loosen up." Let's talk about his work - Monday or Tuesday this week he got crushed between two panels and a 1400 lb steer. I'm sure that really "loosened up" his back. He is constantly having to bend and twist and move quickly to hopefully try and avoid those 1400 lb steers. (I don't think that's not working so well...) He is hauling bales, lifting buckets, driving various motor "vehicles", ie: pickup trucks, grain trucks, tractors, etc. during the course of his 10-12 hour days. He tells me that sitting really aggravates his situation. I can't possibly imagine that working is going to help, but remember the stubbornness. I love him dearly and can't stand to see him so uncomfortable in pain. Like, flat-out-in-pain. I helped him this morning get 5 gallon buckets of grain out of the back of his truck for the horses & pigs because he couldn't manage. Well, I take that back, he could manage, but it hurt me to watch him.
I tried to get him to go to the dr. again, but he says, "Why go back and listen to the same stuff they didn't tell me last time?" I must admit, I tend to agree. We didn't get a whole lot of helpful information last time. Not only that, but his dr. is in Hati this week and won't be back in the office until next Tuesday and he is not comfortable seeing anyone else.
I spoke with my ever-wise (and always super loving and concerned) mother this morning and she thinks he needs to be seen to determine whether or not he needs an MRI to see if there is more damage, like a ruptured disc.
I guess the purpose of this lengthy post is to ask for prayers. Prayers that he not only feels better, but also that he let his guard (and pride) down just a bit in order to take the necessary steps to heal.


The Chance Family said...

We'll keep you guys in our prayers! I bet you go to the same dr I do because he's in Haiti now too. Does your mom work at Stonecreek? Just wondering. Anyway, hope they figure out something soon so your husband doesn't have to be miserable like that much longer.