Monday, November 17, 2008

What A Day!

This morning started out like most every other morning with the exception that I needed to leave early to attend a conference in Junction City.  (I was supposed to be there by 8:30.)  Things were going pretty smoothly - Carter was more or less cooperative, which can make or break a morning. :)  I get to the babysitter's house at 7:30, right on time!  Before I get my door open, Tiffany comes out telling me that she's tried to call but our house line is down, as was theirs, and she tried to leave messages on both mine & Jeremy's cell phones.  (We have NO service down where we live.) Tiffany has the flu.  Not just "I'm not feeling well,"  this is "someone's coming to pick up MY kids" kind of flu.  I feel awful for her, but now what?  It's 7:35, I'm supposed to be in JC by 8:30, and I have NO babysitter.  I take a chance and head out of Randolph and make a desperate phone call to my sister.  She, thankfully, was able (and more importantly, willing) to watch Carter today.  When I dropped him off this morning, he hopped out of my arms and started playing (nicely) with Owen.  I wonder how long that lasted?  :)  I'm hoping that Erica will be able to have a few good photo ops today as I would love to see the boys in action!  Thanks again, Erica.  I owe you one!

My conference?  I made it, only 20 minutes late - trust me, no one noticed!