Monday, October 8, 2012

Kitchen, Color Run and More...

Depsite the lack of blogging, lots has been happening in our lives lately!  I am nearing the end of my over-1-year-long kitchen up-do project.  My dad came over a couple weekends ago and put up the rest of the tile.  Now I have to grout it and it will officially be done.  And, truthfully, it makes the rest of my house look pretty shabby, so we may be looking at up-doing a couple other rooms in the house!  :)

The kids have been enjoying the really nice weather by playing in the sand and riding bikes.  Carter loves finding lizards in the sand! 

On October 6 my sister and I and some friends ran in the Color Run in Lawrence.  It was a blast!! This race was the funnest, not-boring-est race I've ever done!  It was also a real confidence booster as I finished in 24 minutes!  (Only 3 minutes behind my speedy sister!!)  I'm pretty sure it was not a full 3.1 miles, but it sure was worth the drive to Lawrence!!
(Jamie, Brandi, me, Erica)

(me & Tiff)