Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Carter is playing T-Ball this summer.  When we first thought about signing him up, we talked about how this was going to cost Mom & Dad money and that if he started it, he was going to play the whole time.  Did he really, really want to play?  Oh, yes.  He sure did.  The first night of practice - "I'm NOT playing."  Great.  But, much to my surprise, he walked out on that field with his glove and bat and never looked back.  He is loving T-Ball!!  He mostly pays attention and really spends less time playing in the dirt than some other kids on his team!  :)  Jeremy's parents have faithfully attended all the practices, just because they love watching him so much!!

Gemma love the practice to.  She's working on her sneaky skills - she tries so hard to sneak by you to get out on the field with the boys and the one girl on the team!!  But most times, she's pretty content to sit in the dugout next to her Daddy.  I can usually be found sitting in the stands, trying not to yell too much.  It's only T-Ball practice, after all!!

His first game is on Thursday - and he can't wait.  But not because he gets to play ball, but because he knows that Papa Dave and Grandma Donna are bringing something with them, that will come home with us.  Stay tuned... :)