Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

Guess what?  I actually did a Tasty Tuesday post with pictures from start to finish!  

Steak & Onion Pizza.  This one I made up the other night.  I had Buffalo Chicken Pizza on the menu, but didn't have the chicken thawed out and I was feeling lazy.  We had grilled steaks the day before, so I thought, what a great place to use it up - on a pizza!  Here's what I did and of course the variations are endless!!

I started with the steak we grilled and cut it into little strips.  Depending on how tender your steak is, you may consider just chopping it up.  

 Next, I started caramelizing the onions.  I use a little butter and a little oil, just to keep the butter from burning. 

 Keep cooking them until they are cooked down and browned.

 I made my own pizza crust, but you could certainly buy one.  I spread it with BBQ sauce.  I was going to use steak sauce, but we didn't have any A1 and I thought 57 would be too vinegar-y.

 Next I put on some shredded mozzarella cheese, then the steak, then the onions.

Then I tore up some deli sliced provolone cheese and slapped that on top. 

 I baked the pizza at 350 degrees until it looked done.  You know the look.

I am trying (not hard enough) to watch what I eat so I only had one bite, but Jeremy had 4 pieces (half the pizza!!) and he really loved it.  I froze the other half so we'll see how it turns out the next time!