Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Dance

I know it's supposed to be Tasty Tuesday. Maybe I'll do that on Wednesday. I'm feeling all out of sorts with my blogging lately. I'll work on that.

I don't often do a happy dance when I get the mail and see all the "please send money" mail we usually get every day. But yesterday I didn't just get "please send money" mail. I got an envelope that had a big fabulous word scribbled on the paperwork inside. It was from our bank! The fabulous word that was scribbled was P A I D. That's right folks - we actually own our car. Does that sound minor? Maybe it is, but not to us! I am 30 years old and this is the first vehicle I've ever owned.

AND as of yesterday we have a personal loan paid off. One that Jeremy started when he bought his motorcycle years before we were married and it's one that we've added to over the years. You know, the time I needed my wisdom teeth pulled or we needed a new washing machine. Things that in our early years of marriage we couldn't pay outright for. It added up. But now, I'm so happy to say that we are DEBT FREE (except our house) and we are still looking forward to receiving our tax return!!

I don't mean to brag or anything, but I have to tell you that we have struggled financially for a long while. We were on a good track and then I totaled our car and we had to get a different one, then within six months, Carter broke his arm, I got kidney stones and had an overnight stay in the hospital and then I gave birth to Gemma. Those medical bills really added up. So to have all of this paid off and making only our mortgage payment and nothing else every month is such a huge relief!!!

So today, I am doing my happy dance!!