Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Into Things

Gemma is of the age now where she likes to get into things. Everything. Literally.

She is also running off with stuff. Well, not exactly. Carter was a hider. He was really good at hiding things. Usually he would hide something in something else. Gemma is more of a drop-it-and-walk-off kinda gal. Which is exactly what she did with my phone Saturday afternoon. Think we could find it? Not a chance. Was my phone about ready to die when she walked off with it - of course! We couldn't even call it...

Jeremy and I went on a real date (no grocery shopping!!!) Saturday night so the kids stayed with my folks. When we got home, I went through the playroom and Jeremy looked over the rest of the house. We couldn't find it. Sunday morning, still couldn't find it. ALL Sunday afternoon - nothing. Then during the Super Bowl last night, Gemma comes strutting out of the playroom with my phone, like it was a trophy!! I have no idea where she had it. I looked through that playroom I don't know how many times. I'm just happy that she remembered where she put it and I don't have to get a new one!!