Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago, my Mom celebrated her ?? birthday. She got quite the surprise when Mark & Heathers and kids showed up from MO unannounced! (Erica and I knew) We had dinner at a Mexican place in Clay Center and then we were off to bowling! The kids had a great time. Carter still says "Mom, sometime we should go bowling again!" After bowling, we went to Wendy's for coffee and ice cream.

Erica and I contacted mom's friends and family and put together a number of memories (a corresponding number with her birthday) and presented those to her during dinner. She read some during dinner, some while bowling, some at Wendy's and the rest on her own. We hope that she had a wonderful birthday!! There's no way we could have made it as special for her as she is to us!!


?? number of memories in individual envelopes

(Sorry - really bad pic here, but it's the only one I got!! Oh wait, I have a short video...)