Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful November

This upcoming holiday season I need daily reminding that life is not about things. It's not about what I have or don't have, it's not about what gifts I give. It's not about how much money I spend. During the month of November, I am going to try to do daily photographic posts of things I'm thankful for - past or present. I need to remind myself that all things I have are a gift from God and that I need to put more focus on Him than myself. Since it is already November 3rd, here are the first three posts.

Day 1 - I'm Thankful For...

Little 2 year old boys helping Grandma make mashed potatoes at Christmas

Day 2 - I'm Thankful For...


Day 3 - I'm Thankful For...

My little man being such a good big brother!