Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot Stuffs

This weekend was Nick & Brianna's wedding. Everything (as far as I could tell) went off without a hitch! The Bride may not have felt that way, but as a guest and the Best Man's wife, it was smooth!

I have to tell you, my guys were looking sharp! My pictures are not very good because everything was either so dark, or I was too far away. It was REALLY hot but the guys complained minimally for being in their getup. They were all troopers!

Carter & Camryn at Rehearsal

This is Nick's sister, Kim, and her husband Chase. She had an emergency C-Section on Monday and was at rehearsal Friday night and did the whole Bridesmaid-thing all weekend. Tough chick!
Kids horsing around at the hotel

Nick & "Geiger"

Nick, Jeremy & Darin

Carter did such a great job! I didn't get any good pictures because I was sitting with the Grandparents in the second row farthest away from the isle. Gemma was sleeping in my lap.

Nick and Brianna bought all the guys & girls Ariat boots as their wedding gifts! Very cool!! Brianna wore hot pink Fat Baby boots.

Jeremy and the Matron of Honor, Chelsie

The reception: Gemma loves balloons!

This is Phil. He & Nick went to Northwest Missouri State together. Wonderful guy! He now lives in California coaching at a JUCO.

This girl is a party animal!!

(You can see Brianna's & Chelsie's boots under the table)
Jeremy's speech was very simple (and not at all prepared!): "I shouldn't tell all the stories about me & Nick...
...welcome to the family!"

Carter got the garter. There was a big crowd of guys and Darin yelled "I got it!!!" and everyone stepped back and Carter jumped in and grabbed it. He was very excited!!

We're very happy for Nick & Brianna & Camryn and wish them a lifetime of happiness!!