Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unexpected House Guest

One day a few weeks ago, it was really nice out so I decided to open the sliding glass door (with no screen) while I was baking. I was folding laundry while I waited for the cookies to bake. When I went into Carter's room to put his clothes away, I found her:

This is our cat, Pudy. She really is a wonderful cat. She was abandoned down at the ranch house we used to live at by the previous owner's. Jeremy and Carter fell for her so she came with us when we moved. She catches all sorts of critters, like mice, birds and bunnies. (Not always a good thing...)

Carter couldn't believe she was in his bed! But he did his best to make her feel welcome. ;)

We can't upset a house guest, now can we?

In other news, Gemma is becoming quite efficient at sitting up. She is 3 months and 1 week old and she has excellent head control. She is always full of smiles, especially first thing in the morning (just like Daddy), when you change her diaper (who wouldn't love that??) and when she's done nursing (can you blame her?).

And her favorite past time is standing, as long as you'll hold her.