Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Wish List

As I start to get into the holiday spirit (never too early, right?), I am starting my Christmas lists of things we're going to gift to others. Both sides our families draw names each year, so that cuts it down quite a bit. But, by far the hardest part of every Christmas gift-giving season for me, is finding gifts for my husband (the man who has everything and what he doesn't have but wants, he buys) and my son. Ideas for Carter are easy, but things are hard to find sometimes or are quite expensive. Carter is into all things cowboy. Not so much farming related, but just being a cowboy. Plus since there are so many grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles on both sides, a Mom tends to run out of ideas. Plus, he's 3. How much stuff does the kids really need?

Anyway, so I am thinking this year, maybe I'll try to kill both birds with one gift. A "family" gift as my mom & sister might call it. I am considering biting the bullet and quite possibly purchasing a Wii. Having said that, I'm cheap and not completely sold on the idea myself. I've looked at a few online and cannot fathom spending $200 on a Wii. I know that in reality, $200 isn't all that much and I'm sure some of my readers have paid a good deal more than that in previous Christmas seasons not to mention the games and accessories that go with it. Which is also my part of my issue. I know it's not just going to be $200 for the gaming console. It will be that plus I don't even know how much more for more controllers/accessories and/or games. I know the possibility exists to spend anywhere around $250+ (+ much more) by the time the entire purchase is said and done.

My motivations for this possible purchase are not entirely selfish. Winter is coming. Cold weather, possibly snow, yucky weather. It is dark very early. In the next couple of months, I'll be on maternity leave. I am hoping that this could not only provide entertainment for Carter (provided I purchase the right age-appropriate games for him), but also some venue of exercise for myself during my at-home days since February/March weather usually is not ideal for walking outside. Mostly, I'm also looking for something that we can do as a family besides watch movies. Carter rarely has the patience for board games. He's too busy for that. So I was thinking this could be something he could (potentially) do either by himself or with the 'ole Mom & Dad.

Here's the part where I need your advice -
*Is it really worth the money?
*Would I have to buy a brand new one? I've seen some that are "like-new or factory refurbished" and some on Ebay. Would those be an good option for less money?
*Any purchasing suggestions as far as where, what games to buy, etc.?
*What games are out there that might be appropriate for a 3 year old?
*What extras are necessary?
*Does your family play together as a family?

I appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks!!


J said...

We bought a Wii for our family last Christmas. I am not sure if it is attention span or what, but our family hasn't used it in the past 6 months. Several of my students have said the same thing. We purchased the Wii($200), the board to stand on-came with games($100), a Madagascar driving game with steering wheel($30), and family game night($30). We recently looked at purchasing Sesame Street($30) for the kids, but it looked too easy for Robert and too hard for Ann. In order for Ron and I to play together, we would have had to purchase an extra controller(price?) and most games seemed like you couldn't use two at once anyway. Haven't heard anything about the competition where you don't have to hold a controller. I think it would be easier for the kids especially, but I think it might be more expensive. Also, Robert didn't weigh enough to be on the balance board games. We have talked about selling it, but I also think about the long winter and the need for exercise. Not sure this helped!

Geiger Family said...

If you are still considering selling it, let me know. We might be interested. Thanks!!