Monday, October 25, 2010

Productive Weekend

This weekend was very productive for us. I say "us" because Jeremy actually stayed home ALL weekend!! He didn't go to work at all. That is such a treat for us.

While Jeremy and Carter worked outside and in the shop, I got the laundry room/mud room cleaned up. I don't know how or why that room always gets messy in our house, but it's just as bad as the kitchen!

Then after I took a short nap (but Carter didn't) we set to work on Carter's room and the baby's room. We had to do a little switch-a-roo-ing but we got it to work. I didn't take a lot of pictures just because it's not done, but at least we got the furniture mostly set. The high-chair is in there, just because I don't need it in the dining room right now. We put the dresser and the book shelf in the closet to open up more space in the room. So that leaves the crib, the rocking chair, and the changing table. We don't have anything dressed up or decorated yet. My mom is going to make some flannel crib sheets for us as well as a curtain for the one window. Since we don't know if it's a boy or girl, although most of you have voiced your opinions, I think we are going to stick with the fairly unisex colors of green and brown. We can always throw a little pink in the mix if we need to.

Sunday was a good day. Since we had worked so hard on Saturday we decided to reward ourselves by taking Carter to the Manhattan Zoo for Spooktacular. It was a pretty good deal - we paid $3 for Carter to get in and then two parents or grandparents were free. We had never been before but I think we hit just the right time. We got there at about 2:15. They closed at 5:00, so by the time we were making our way through the zoo to the end, all of the booths there were trying to get rid of all their candy. We came home with a bucket full! The kids had a great time checking out all the animals. I bet Carter made out better at the zoo than he will going trick-or-treating this weekend!!

They had a bunch of cute cut-outs to take pictures...

This was at the end of the day with no nap...
Carter got to "pet" a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.
They got to "dig for gold"
He loved the tigers
And most importantly, some good, quality Dad time!