Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend 2010

This weekend was exceptionally great! Saturday, we drove to Sabetha for Jeremy's grandmother's internment. We didn't stay terribly long, but it was nice to catch up with his family again. It's always fun to see them. Then it was home to get everything ready for camping!!! Carter is really getting the hang of camping. He always wants to go home when he gets tired, but once he falls asleep and wakes up the next day, he's good.

Every year on Memorial Weekend, we camp out with our friends, Aric & Amy and their 3 kids, Tim & Brandi, and their soon-to-be-here son, and Evan and Heather, and their two dogs. It's quite the group! This year we camped at a beach close to home on Tuttle. It was a lot of fun for the kids - they could play in the sand and water and be close and have plenty to keep them occupied. Not so fun for the adults having to deal with sand in the tent, and everything else!! Here are some pics of the weekend:

Andre came to visit for a short time with Grandpa & Grandma Saturday night. He had lots of fun!

Other than the issue of sand everywhere, this was the perfect place for the kids.

This is part of the crew making breakfast Sunday morning

Guess who found some spare rope to rope everything with?

All the kids had fun playing in the sand.

This is Mia, one of Evan & Heather's dogs, holding down Carter's chair!

At the end of the day, this was the best place around to take a nap. The wind had picked up but Carter was snuggled in pretty good. I think he slept for almost 2 hours like this. :)