Monday, April 5, 2010

Loaded Weekend

This weekend has been full. Bad news first - Jeremy's Grandmother passed away Friday morning - on her 85th birthday. Services will be later this week.

We didn't have school on Good Friday, so Carter and I went to the Sale Barn with Jeremy. I forgot my camera, but rest assured it was a battle to get Carter to leave.

Saturday was a good, pretty relaxing day. We ho-hummed around, played outside and then Jeremy's Mom & Dad, Mindy & Andre came over in the late afternoon. The boys played pretty good together...

I think we may need a bigger sandbox...

Sunday was of course, Easter, and what a beautiful day!! We were able to spend all day outside. The Easter Bunny (Snuggles?) found us at Grandpa Dave's & Grandma Donna's. He must be like Santa Claus be he knew just what Carter wanted...

Can you see in the background why he's so excited?

For weeks, Carter's been asking to go fishing. No more excuses now...

Then it was off for the hunt(s). One at my Aunt & Uncles, then one at Aunt Mindy's.

Getting a little help from Dad

O & Carter were more excited about scouting and shooting the "deer"

When I tried to take his picture, Carter said "Don't smile me!!!!" He broke down... :)

Overall, a good time was had by all!!