Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have never in my life been so upset at someone I don't know for reasons that are none of my business than I was last night while watching the finale of The Bachelor. He proposed to Vienna. Well. Good for him. I think it's a BIG mistake, HUGE! Even Jeremy thinks that he's just trying to hold on to his bachelor years, his twenties, something. All he did with Vienna is fun stuff. Which is great - but they never did anything serious. Whatever - it's his life. I hope Jake & Vienna and very happy together.

As a fan, I was just hoping for a different outcome. Like for him to propose to Tenley or gosh, even Ali. I don't hate Vienna, but I definitely don't love her. Jeremy and I were talking that as the girls met Jake's family, Vienna is certainly not someone a mother would love right off the bat or pick for her son to marry.

I just don't get it...