Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Menu Plan

Sorry, I know it's Wednesday and a little late for the menu, but I figure, better late than never. I've been sick. Like, I had a hard time finding energy to do the dishes let alone cook, sick, but so far, I've held on to my menu. Too bad I haven't really been able to taste much... stupid head cold...

Monday: Pork Chops, Fried Potatoes
Tuesday: Lasagna, Salad, French Bread
Wednesday: Pepper & Salsa Cod, Spanish Rice
Thursday: Steak, Baked Potatoes
Friday: Hamburger Steak w/ Fried Onions

All we have in our freezer is beef and my husband is allergic to seafood and shellfish (so shrimp scampi is out) but I've been itching for something different. Our pig won't be ready to butcher until this spring, so I purchased pork chops (Jeremy wasn't terribly mad at me - I think he really liked the change!) and I bought some cod fillets. Beef gets a little boring after a long while. I am really looking forward to the cod tonight, I hope it turns out well. If I remember, I'll take some pics and let you know - no promises, though! ;)

On another note, I'm finally getting better. I think I will make it a whole day at work today!! Monday, I went in and left at 1:00, just in time to pick up Carter and go home & take a nap together. Tuesday I went in at 8:00 and my boss sent me home at 8:30. I laid around the house and dozed until 1:00 again, just in time to pick up Carter and bring him back home for another nap. By last night, I don't know if I was just feeling better, or if I had finally found a drug that made me feel better, but I was able to do dishes, cook dinner, give Carter a bath and fold 3 or 4 loads of laundry without feeling like I would fall over from exhaustion. Things are looking up! I hope you all stay well!