Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

Geiger Thanksgiving on Thursday -
We went to Hoyt again for Thanksgiving with the Geigers. We did some of the same things we'd done in years past and some new things that I think will quickly become a new tradition.

Same -
Hayrack ride. I know this picture looks strangely like the one we took last year on this exact same hayride, except I think Carter was awake last year.
Carter, Ivy & Ethan

Carter snuggled up with cousin, Chris. She and Carter really bonded this year!
Carter just couldn't stand all the fun. He & Eve barely made it half way and even slept on the wagon for close to an hour after we were done!!
New -
Obstacle course. Here's how it worked: We were divided into teams of two by random drawing - no spouses on the same team. Darn!! One person had to toss corn bags into a hole in plywood and make 5 points. Tag your partner, then they had to climb up on a big line of round bales, run to the end and back and tag again. The first player had to ride this little 50 CC motorcycle around the track two times - and yes, even I did it!! Tag your partner and then the bale runner had to throw the corn bags through motorcycle tires! It was quite the experience.
Guess who won?!?!? That's right - Jeremy's cousin, Colby, and I got first place!!! My ever-so-humble husband and his partner, cousin, Landon, got 3rd. He was very gracious... We got a little trophy and 1st Place blue ribbons!!

Rundquist Thanksgiving on Saturday - aka: my birthday!!

All 7 grandkids! Maddie was in heaven having another girl there, no matter how small.
Carter was in a little heaven of his own... ;)
And of course, Grandpa & Grandma were in heaven too!
On Sunday, we recovered from the fabulous week we'd had by (mostly) decorating the tree. I've realized I need to pray for more patience when it comes to putting breakable things on a tree with a two year old!