Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Suzy Homemaker

A name I've never been called. In an effort to up my "Martha Stewart-ness", here's my winter project... It's not very big, but I've got a lot of work left to do.
It's called a "toothbrush" rag rug. I got the technique and how-to from a website called Rag Rug Cafe. The videos were VERY helpful.

In the video they reference using a "tool". My first tool was a large safety pin with masking tape on the end. Not incredibly efficient but it worked for a while. My crafty husband then made me a real toothbrush tool...
isn't it cute?

I was all prepared to show you the inner workings of this project, but as you can see, some of my pictures didn't turn out very well. Visit the website and let her show you how. She's a much better teacher than I would be. I don't think I could explain it very well with still pictures anyway.

A few suggestions - Use a sturdy tool - the safety pin didn't work very well, but it got me started. Also, I am using denim. I'll never do that again. It's very stiff and hard to work with. It doesn't lay flat yet - I'm hoping the weight of more denim will calm it down. My next one (yes, hopefully there will be more) will be made with regular cotton fabric, like old bed sheets or something similar. The reason I'm using denim is because this rug will be going in our laundry room/mud room. I needed something that would hold up to daily muddy boots.

You can really be creative with this project. Pick a color scheme or be completely random. It's your choice. It's time consuming, but also pretty darn relaxing. I tend to work on mine when my husband is watching some completely ridiculous show on TV, something I don't really need to pay much attention to.


Katie said...

This is gonna look awesome when you're all done!!! My mom used to something similar to this (but with baskets) when I was little and holy cow, it took forever!