Friday, September 25, 2009

My Best Friend

I married him five years ago today. To a lot of our friends and family, this was a big deal because Jeremy and I had dated for something like 7 years before this day. Our engagement was exactly 6 months. Our wedding song was At Last by Etta James. My mom joked, "What, you couldn't find a song titled Finally?" Ahhh, my mother, the comedienne..

We were fairly traditional and took all of our "together" pictures after the wedding. I was held hostage in the spare bedroom for 2 hours while the guys took all their pictures. It was a real challenge to not see each other before the wedding. Needless to say, by the time we got around to taking pictures together, all my makeup had been cried off. I wish I knew how to work photoshop.
We were married in our front yard. My dad built the arbor, my mother made the swag, and we rented a big circus tent. It was truly, truly, the best day ever!
Today, life is good, but it's not all peaches and cream. I'm sure anyone who is married will tell you the hardest year of marriage is the one you're in. :)
Three years later - SURPRISE!! Carter was here in all his shining glory, showing his sparkling personality from day one.
Call me corny, cheesy, or sentimental, but up until the year Carter was born, every September 25, I would put on my wedding dress and stand in front of the mirror. I brought back a flood of emotions and memories of my favorite day. I'm sure I could fit into it again, but it's so hard to have a "moment" with a two year yelling for a juice box or cheese stick... :)

We are blessed beyond measure daily. I thank God that he chose Jeremy and I for each other. I couldn't imagine life without him. Life is good.