Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Float Trip

This post may be somewhat disappointing - we went on a float trip this weekend in Oklahoma. It was a BLAST! The weather was perfect, the water was fabulous and the group of friends we went with couldn't have been better. However, the very few pictures I have to post aren't that exciting. For obvious reasons I didn't take my digital camera in the raft with us. We did take a few of the disposable waterproof cameras, so I'll see if I can't get a few of those pics put up here.

Here's the group - I'll protect the innocent... and some of the not-so-innocent...

This is our kitchen area. We stayed in a big bunk house that had this kitchen in the middle and two rooms full of bunk beds on either side. It worked really well as a common area, although the weather was so nice we spent most of our time on the deck.
Here it is... the deck! Exciting, right? It was the perfect spot to relax.

Here is a shot of our bunk beds. It felt like being at summer camp again!

Like I said, I'll try to get some "action" pictures up before too long!