Thursday, July 2, 2009

Follow Me Part 5

This, our final installment, is a quick one...

Christmas 2008
Christmas at Carrie's
The Rundquist Family Christmas - Carter got a bowling set.  
The ball moo's - he has a "ball" with that game... (sorry, I couldn't help it!!)
Shape sorter from Aunt Erica and Uncle Brent.  
Of course, the famous aprons from Aunt Jayne
The most favorite horse from G-ma Donna
Putting the new apron to good use with G-ma Connie
The Christmas Aftermath

Let's jump forward to Spring 2009
Cowboy Carter at Carrie's
Riding bikes at G-ma Donna's
Spring Break with the Craig Family - Topeka Zoo

The Spring Break Aftermath

I know it looks like these pictures are out of order, but SURPRISE, they're not...

Sledding with cousin Andre

Easter 2009

Papa Dave helping Carter and Owen with their Easter baskets

Summer 2009 (at least so far)
Bubbles at Carrie's
Taking Andre for a quick spin
Swimming with Tiff
That's All Folks!  Thanks for Keepin' Up!!!!

Hey - this was kind of fun!  I should do this more often.  Not every two years, but on a more regular basis...  

Carter's birthday is next week and his party next weekend so be prepared to be bombarded with pictures in the coming weeks. 

Also, please pray for my cake - I'll only show you if it turns out good...  Well, even if it doesn't, I'll show you pictures of what it is supposed to look like.