Friday, June 19, 2009

Follow Me Part 3

Who doesn't love vanilla pudding, really?  Especially when it's in your hair...

Owen's 1st birthday!  Erica did a REALLY good job on his cake.  
He just looks so excited, huh?  :) (On a side note, O celebrated the big 2 yesterday!!  Happy Birthday O!!!)
Here are The Boys the night of O's party.  
Carter & Grady had matching pjs but we didn't bring ours that night.  
On our way home from daycare...  It must have been a rough day...

His John Deere boots were a birthday present from Dad & Mom.  We bought them big enough so he could wear them a while... he hard a little bit of a hard time getting used to them.

On his birthday, G&G Geiger and Aunt Mindy came over with presents.  

For his first baby shower, a lady from our church made Carter this Harley-Davidson rocking chair.  He LOVES it!!  (what's with the red-eye?!?!)

Carter's 1st Birthday!!!!!
Tractors!!  What a surprise!
Pictures with Dad, a bigger surprise!!  Just look at C's hair... he always reminded me of a little old man, going bald on top with plenty left around the sides and back.  
Yes, I made the cake, and no, I'm never doing it again.  The cake in this picture is like the 4th cake I made for this occasion and the chocolate topper was in the 3rd or 4th round, too.  (We're going for a simpler route for his 2nd birthday - maybe I'll tackle another tough one for, oh I don't know, his 5th birthday...)