Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Give Thanks

In re-reading the most recent post I put up last week, I am thinking that God did just that.  He kept two people that he already has.  I don't mean to sound too terribly dramatic, but Carter and I were in a fairly serious car accident last week that totaled our Durango.  It was Thursday. Yes, the snow day!  At the time, school was only on a two-hour delay, but I still have to be there at 8:00.  On my way, I got into a rut on the highway (the slush/ice/snow was about 3 inches thick on the road and none of the snow plows had been through yet), I was forced to the opposite side of the highway, where I hit a tree planted on the slope of an embankment and then the Durango flopped over on the passenger side.  (Boy was I glad then that I have always put Carter's seat in the middle of the back seat.  Otherwise, he would have been on the passenger side and then... I don't even want to think about it!)  Once I figured out how to get out of my seat belt, and after I knew that Carter was ok, I began the tedious task of searching for my cell phone.  If you've ever been in a wreck, you know that everything in the back seat ends up in the front seat and everything in your purse (or any other nook & cranny in your car) ends up on the floor, everything in one big disheveled mess.  Once I found my phone, discovered to my frustration that Jeremy had not yet turned his phone on, I realized that there was no way Carter and I were getting out without help.  Sidenote:  That's a pretty scary feeling - you are already disoriented because of the wreck and then you find out you are literally stuck in an overturned vehicle at the mercy of some good samaritan.  Thankfully, it was not long after that our good samaritan stopped and helped Carter and I out.  After I had called my boss, tried to call my husband again, stood there standing on the passenger window to see out of the back door and cried for a few minutes, I finally pulled myself together long enough to not-so-gracefully hoist myself out of the overturned vehicle.  

Neither of us were hurt (no bumps, bruises, scratches, nothing!!) and our good samaritan let us hang out in her car until my husband got there to rescue us.  (My boss told my co-worker, who then called my husband.)  As we sat there waiting for the cops to show up, I couldn't hold back the tears.  My husband, God love him, asks "What's wrong with you?"  As I started to think about what really was wrong, I realized the silliest things were going through my mind - My coffee had spilled all over the inside of my car, I didn't grab Carter's diaper bag when we got out, why didn't I get the insurance papers out?, I had to step on the seats, the inside of the Durango is going to be a MESS!, I had thought about trying to climb out of an open window, but re-thought that when I remembered I had Carter with me, so the window is still partially open and it is blizzarding out here and now into my car...  the stupid, non-important thoughts just kept coming.  I then thought of how this is really the last thing we need in our current lives. We found out just a few weeks ago that the ranch had sold and my husband no longer has a job as of June 1.  (I am missing the cows already!!!)  The gentleman that bought the land is going to lease it to another man who is going to bring around 500 head from Western Kansas.  Jeremy has met with this (2nd) guy and he thinks that Jeremy might be able to stay on with him until fall. This gives me mixed feelings...  Yes, my husband technically has a job until, what, August, but then what?  Beside the fact that my husband's income could quite possibly be inconsistent in the next few months, but we also have to move.  This part of the story is a mixed blessing for me.  I LOVE the house we first bought, although it's not much.  My mom always told me that any house that more than a day to clean was too big.  That's how I feel in the current house we are in, which is owned by the ranch - well, used to be.  I do not enjoy moving.  We are moving to a smaller house, this time with a baby.  This does not translate into fun for me...

So, to recap, we are dealing with insurance for the car, most likely vehicle shopping (don't even want to think about it!!), trying to sort through stuff for my May 2 garage sale (my first ever, thank you Erica for heading up this project), packing, moving, have a birthday for a 2 year old 6 weeks after we move, etc., etc., etc.  Please pray for us.

I am thankful for the fact that only the car was hurt in the accident.  We were both able to walk away.  I am thankful that the law requires us to put our kids in safety seats, even though sometimes it seems like a big thorn in my side.  I am thankful that we decided not to sell our house, only rent it out so we now have somewhere (our first real home) to go back to.  I am thankful that my husband has secured a job, at least until the fall.  I am thankful that not only does my husband have a job, but I am double thankful that he can continue to do a job he loves!
I will try to get some pictures up of the Durango and also a few less-depressing things!  After all, it is starting to act a little bit more like spring now...