Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow Day

With the beautiful weather we had this weekend, I decided to take a few pics.  
This first one is of the cows.  Don't they just look cold?  
This one may look a little funny - let me explain:  Yes this is a calf, yes, that is my leg, and yes, we are all in the truck.  This little guy was just too cold so Jeremy decided to throw him in the truck, turn the heater on full blast, drive him around for about an hour and hopefully he would warm up.  When we found him, his ears were very droopy, we figured out that they were droopy not because he was sick (which is usually the case) but because they were too heavy with snow & ice.  He got warmed up ok, but he still might loose his poor little ears...  
These next couple pics are of Carter and some friend sledding on Sunday.  It was a perfect day! The kids had a great time!