Monday, January 26, 2009

Singing a New Tune

Lately Carter has been singing two songs.  They're pretty short.  The first one goes "E I O" and the second goes "A B".  The first one I have no doubt everyone can figure out where he's going with this.  The second however, may need a little explanation.  For Christmas, Aunt Jo got Carter an alphabet train (I'll try to post a picture tomorrow).  It's pretty darn cool and Carter LOVES it. For the sake of keeping it in one piece (or should I say 26 pieces...?) we've assembled the train in the 4 window sills in our dining room.  Every night, at least every night we have dinner in the dining room, Carter has to get down in the middle of dinner, have you pick him up, and sing "A B". He's a smart little guy - you can't just hurry through and sing it - no way.  You have to point to each letter on the train as you sing the song.  Now, if only I knew how to work that video business... !