Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Updates

Christmas was very good to us this year.  As one of Carter's babysitters so politely put it, "It looks like a Toys R Us exploded in our living room!"

Rundquist Christmas

   Carter got a shape sorter from the Craigs

    My Aunt Jayne, ever the crafty one, made all six kids aprons each in their own matching handmade gift bag.  Along with each apron came a cookie recipe.  Carter's was Cowboy Cookies - big surprise!  Thanks so much Aunt Jayne!!!

  We gave Carter a bean bag.  The little ones loves it!!

Geiger Christmas

Santa's Little Helpers (Carter & Andre with Grandpa Warren)

Aunt Mindy, Grandpa Warren & Grandma Connie got Carter the COOLEST bed set ever!!

Grandma Connie & Grandpa Warren got him a very cool John Deere Tractor.  It makes lots of sounds and the cab comes off.  

Grandma Donna remembered that she forgot a gift at the first Christmas, so she whipped it out on Christmas morning...
  Carter gallops around saying "Shoo Cow!!"

Later in the evening, Carter was helping Aunt Mindy make mashed potatoes...
  Thank Aunt Jayne for the apron!!

The day after...

Carter had a big week.  This picture was taken about 10:00 on Friday morning...  

Later that day...

Jeremy and I finally got a chance to give Carter his present from us.  It's a train table.  He loves to push the cars (and tractors) down the hills. 

We are so thankful and lucky to have both sides of our family so close.  We are able to spend quality time with everyone around the holidays!  God had blessed us more that we could ever ask for!  We hope that everyone had a fabulous Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year. Be safe & God Bless!!